CS:GO game modes in ZBD Infuse


We currently only support Deathmatch modes but plan to expand available game modes soon.

Deathmatch Gameplay

Players have an infinite amount of respawns with full armor, and come back within a few seconds of their death. After a player spawns, a distinctive spawning noise can be heard, and the player will be invulnerable for up to 6 seconds allowing the player to access a modified buy menu. Ammo reserves are infinite, and any weapon can be "purchased" regardless of cost except equipment such as grenades and the Defuse Kit. The loadout can be locked or random, depending on which the player chooses to use. Once the player begins moving or fires a weapon, invulnerability will wear off within a second, and the buy menu will no longer be accessible. Killing enemies or scoring assists will gain points instead of money or new weapons.

ZEBEDEE Deathmatch

The total amount of satoshis paid in entrance fees will be added to the total game prize pool. During the match your Infuse app will show your current satoshi balance, which is directly calculated form your in-game score.

Satoshi balance = your score as a % of total game score * total game prize pool

For more detailed info on how CS:GO deathmatches work click here

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