How can I transfer sats from the ZBD Wallet to other wallets or exchanges?


You can transfer sats from your ZBD Wallet to another wallet or exchange with support for the Lightning Network.

  1. Generate a Lightning invoice at the other wallet or exchange
    You will have to decide on the amount of sats you want to transfer. Make sure to withdraw about 10 sats less than your balance to be able to pay the Lightning Network fee. For example, if your balance is 1000 sats, you can withdraw a maximum of around 990 sats.
    Withdraw sats - Check balance
  2. Scan the QR code with your ZBD Wallet (if available) or copy the invoice number
    If you're using the same device for both the ZBD Wallet and the other wallet, you may find it easier to simply copy the invoice number.
    Open your ZBD Wallet and tap Scan in the bottom right corner.
    Withdraw sats - Scan a QR code
    Select Paste in the bottom right corner to input the invoice number.
    Withdraw sats - Paste invoice
  3. Confirm the payment to transfer the sats
Where to transfer sats to

Some other Bitcoin wallets with support for the Lightning Network:


We will be adding the ability to transfer funds to the main Bitcoin chain soon, which will enable transfers from ZEBEDEE to any exchange or wallet so be on the lookout!

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