Joining a Match in ZBD Infuse


Inside the ZBD Infuse app, click on the CS:GO icon.

You will then be presented with a list of servers you can choose to join. Select a server based on the Entrance fee, Match type and Geography you would like to join.

Entrance fee is either 100 sats / 1,000 sats / 10,000 sats. Choose the level you feel comfortable with. The higher the entrance fee, the higher the competition! In Deathmatch mode the entrance fee is your stake in the match, your "skin in the game". Your entrance fee will be added to the total prize pool for the match.

Once you have selected the server you would like to join click Pay QR to Enter Game

You can pay the Entrance fee by scanning the QR code with your ZEBEDEE wallet or any other compatible wallet. To pay with with the ZEBEDEE wallet simply click Scan, wait for the camera to recognise the QR code then click Confirm & Pay.

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