ZBD Infuse Step-By-Step Guide


ZBD Infuse Guide

This is a short step-by-step guide on how to install and use ZEBEDEE Infuse to play CS:GO for Bitcoin.

1. Steam

Download and install Steam. Create a Steam account if you don’t already have one.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Download and install CS:GO for FREE via the Steam Store.

3. ZBD Wallet

The ZBD Wallet is your gateway into the world of Bitcoin gaming. It lets you hold Bitcoin and easily send it to and from games (in satoshis).

4. ZBD Infuse

  • Log in with Steam on ZBD Infuse

  • Enter your Steam username and password to connect it to ZBD Infuse

  • You should see this window:

  • Choose the CS:GO icon in ZBD Infuse.

  • Choose a server to play on. You can choose any “READY” server, but keep in mind that they have different entry fees and are based in different locations.

  • ZBD Infuse comes pre-loaded with 500 sats so you'll be able to start playing immediately and get a chance to earn some sats which you can use to pay the server entry fees in the future.

  • Simpy press "Click to join" and CS:GO will start up automatically.

  • If you have to pay the entry fee, click "Pay QR to Enter Game".

  • A QR code will appear.

  • Open the ZBD Wallet app on your phone and press the SCAN button.

  • Aim your phone at the QR code on the screen.

  • Confirm the payment.

  • Once you've paid the entry fee, simply press "Click to join" and CS:GO will start up automatically.

  • There's an 8 minute warmup period before each match begins, to allow all players to join.

How are you actually winning Bitcoin? It depends on the game mode.

Tournament mode (deathmatch): Your score in % also represents the % of Bitcoin you've won from the pot – the total of the entrance fees paid by all players.

Survival mode (pending): Here you win Bitcoin from the specific player you kill – not from the pot itself. The higher the entrance fee for joining the survival mode, the more Bitcoin you'll earn per kill. If you're out of Bitcoin, you're out of the game.

  • When your match is finished, press “Withdraw Now” to get your Bitcoin out of Infuse and into your ZBD Wallet or press ‘Find Next Match’ to use your balance for your next match.

  • When withdrawing, simply scan the QR code with your ZBD Wallet (with the Scan function shown a few steps above) to transfer the sats back to your Wallet.

That's it! Enjoy playing CS:GO for Bitcoin and join us on Discord if you have and questions (or need some sats to get started).

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