ZBD Bots Step-by-Step Guide


Step-by-step guide for ZBD Bots

Your ZBD Wallet can easily be connected to a Discord or Telegram community using ZBD Bots. Here’s how.

Add a ZBD Bot to your Discord or Telegram community

  1. Head to our Bots page and select whether you want to add a Bot to Discord or Telegram
  2. Input your credentials and select a server to add a Bot to
  • You can only add a bot to a server where you have mod rights

Connect your ZBD Wallet to the Bot in any community

When a Discord or Telegram community has the ZBD Bots enabled, you can easily connect it with your ZBD Wallet for quick and simple tips and payments.

  1. Type “z login” in the chat to activate the pop-up
  2. Scan the QR code with your ZBD Wallet
  3. Confirm the pairing and you’re all ready to go

Send, receive and tip simply by chatting

Once you’ve connected your ZBD Wallet to the Discord or Telegram bot, you can use a number of short commands to send and receive sats as simply as chatting. Here are the commands, but you can always type “z help” to bring up a list of commands in the chat.

  • z send <amount> @username [<comment>]
    Send any user Sats in real time. You can also add a comment if you like.
  • z tip <amount> [<comment>]
    Like what someone has said? Tip their message.
  • z invoice <amount> [<description>] [--expiry=<minutes>]
    Owned someone and want payment? Request it with an invoice. You’ve got to input an amount of Sats, and you can add a description and expiry if you want. You’ll be notified when they pay up.
  • z pay <request>
    A standard Lighting invoice. You can also just paste the request directly without typing any command and it will be handled. The same applies for withdrawal requests.
  • z me
    Shows information about yourself, your Gamertag and public pay code. If you send it via DM it also shows your balance.
  • z history
    Displays the history of your transactions.
  • z login
    Shows a QR code you can scan with your ZEBEDEE Wallet to pair it with the bot.
  • z help
    If you ever forget a command, z help lists all the commands you need to know.

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