How does ZEBEDEE use Bitcoin?


The Bitcoin Lightning Network — The revolutionary tech powering ZEBEDEE

The magic of the ZEBEDEE ecosystem comes from the Lightning Network, a fast and scalable network built on top of Bitcoin where transactions are almost instant and come with virtually no fees (seriously, Lightning fees are tiny). While transactions on the main Bitcoin network can be too expensive and not fast enough to support the kind of micropayments we wanted to add to games, the Lightning Network gives us an instant and practically free way to move money. More importantly, the digital nature of Bitcoin makes it programmable — it’s money you can program to respond to in-game actions or events. And that’s the real magic behind ZEBEDEE.

By building the ZEBEDEE ecosystem on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, we can give developers a powerful tool for inventing brand new game mechanics, while at the same time connecting the points you earn in-game with a real-world global payment network. The Bitcoin that lands in your wallet is instantly yours and you can do whatever you want with it. This is inherently different from platforms like Twitch, where you don’t get paid out until you break a certain threshold, or payment service providers like PayPal that charge significant fees.

At the end of the day, it’s not really about Bitcoin, it’s about new ways of moving value in games. Bitcoin and its Lightning Network just happen to be the best tools for the job.

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